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The Great Bay Community College Thursday Thoughts for 2/13/2020

By Dave Haley, 02/13/20, 6:15AM EST


We look at Adrian Siravo and Gilford vs. Mascoma...along with all 34 other games (photo by Steve Pouliot)


 Once a year for the past 12 seasons I’ve chosen to preview every single game being played in the state. A decision that feels like a horrible decision halfway through and an impossible task near the end.

 People seem to love it though and if my ramblings by the time we hit Lin Wood/Pittsburg-Canaan make your Thursday morning a better experience than I’m all for it, let’s do this.

 Important news before we start.

 Both the NHsportspage Senior & Underclassman team coaches, who will be facing BABC on March 28th in our second annual event, have a list of 25 players who we plan to get down to 11 to 12 players on each team.

 Those final roster decisions will be announced next Thursday in this column. Oyster River head coach Lorne Lucas will lead the senior team while Epping head coach Nick Fiset will coach the underclassman.

 We also plan to have a select group of sophomores and juniors to practice with the teams.

 Right now the plan is for each team to practice twice between Monday/Tuesday/Wednesday March 23rd-25th and a controlled scrimmage on Thursday March 26th where parents & friends are invited to attend.

 2019 NHsportspage Senior Team vs. BABC highlights

 2019 NHsportspage Underclassman Team vs. BABC highlights

 Last year’s game saw several players be recruited by schools they had not previously spoken to, highlighted by Division II player of the year Noah Cummings who was approached by Springfield College and now is their starting point guard as a freshman.

 Look for the announcement of those rosters next week.

 We want to thank our newest Gold Level families & coaches, The O’Neil Family of Bedford boys’ basketball and head coach Rich Otis of Pembroke Academy!

 We are covering two games tomorrow night:

 Joel Johnston & I will be at Kearsarge when Nate Camp and the Cougars take on Oyster River.

 Pete Tarrier & Austin Grass will be back at Pete’s old stomping grounds when Nashua South hosts Concord.

 Our column today is sponsored by our friends & partners at White Mountains Community College!

 Here comes every Friday game in the state….


 Division I

 Division I Standings, Scoring Leaders & Gold Level Coaches/Programs

 Winnacunnet (7-4) at Alvirne (5-6)

 Winnacunnet Team Page

 Alvirne Team Page

 The Broncos are starting to round into form and a win over a Top-8 team like the Warriors would keep that momentum going.

 Jackson DeWitt battled an ankle injury which threw off the offense for a few games, his health is part of the recent run that has seen them win 4 of their last 5 games.

 Forward Liam O’Neil has begun to assert himself more as well while Meshack Mugariri likely gets the assignment of slowing down Winnacunnet forward Brett Marelli (17.1 ppg.).

 A win over Exeter would have been a season highlight for Jay McKenna’s team but just going to the wire with the best team in the state (I’m pretty sure we can definitively say that now) was really good for this team.

 The Warriors missed too many free throws to win and players like Ryan Grijalva & Mike Leonard made plays in crunch time for the defending champs.

 Still, the experience only made Winnacunnet better. This is a team trending toward a post-season run in March and McKenna might be your Coach of the Year in the division.


 Londonderry (3-9) at Dover (5-7)

 Dover Team Page

 Londonderry Team Page

 Two very good head coaches who have no idea what they are getting out of their team from game to game.

 Matt Fennessy’s team won all of their 50/50 games early in the season but the 67-57 home loss to Concord on Tuesday could have seeding implications next month.

 The Green Wave has a very tough upcoming stretch with games against the Lancers, three straight road games at Bishop Guertin, Bedford & Alvirne followed by home games with Goffstown and Exeter (I hear Exeter is good..).

 It’s time for Kingsley Breen to throw on his Superman cape.

 The Lancers have been the most confusing team in the division this season. Jackson Cox just doesn’t look like the same player that he was a year ago.


 Bedford (6-4) at Exeter (11-0)

 Bedford Team Page

 Exeter Team Page

  Mark Elmendorf’s team has won 4 of 5 games and Justin O’Neil seems destined to be the runner-up for Division I player of the year (we’ll get to the probable winner in exactly two paragraphs). The loss to Manchester Central was a surprise but that was a really good win over Goffstown, who jumped out on the Bulldogs early.

 Unless BG wins at Exeter I don’t see the Blue Hawks losing before the tournament. Once we get to UNH all bets are off but this team runs great offense and plays enough defense to be the best team in the state.

 I’ve seen enough games and talked to enough coaches to say that unless he starts randomly tripping his teammates as they run up the floor Ryan Grijalva is your player of the year.


 Salem (6-7) at Goffstown (4-6)

 Salem Team Page

 Goffstown Team Page

 I’ve said over & over how good Ryan Cowette has been as the Grizzlies head coach so let’s talk about his players.

 I really like their sophomore point guard Robenson Beguidy (who may or may not be on that underclassman list) and having a big who can step outside & shoot it like Derek Steckowych gives him the perfect pick & roll partner.

 Jack Kelly has been their glue-guy. He’s played consistently well on both ends of the floor and is one of the Grizzlies best rebounders.

 Adan Ayala has really come on for Rob McLaughlin’s team. He’s averaged 12.2 ppg. in his last 5 games and has stepped into a bigger role alongside all-state guard Trevor DeMinico.

 When Mike Ference & Alex Devir are scoring in the paint it opens up the floor for their guards. When they aren’t scoring it takes a lot of scheming & effort to produce enough points to win.


 Bishop Guertin (10-2) at Manchester Central (4-7)

 Manchester Central Team Page

 Bishop Guertin Team Page

  Let’s not forget to credit Matt Regan when talking about the success of BG this season. Most of the Cardinal players were developed under Regan’s three-year watch as head coach and many play for him in the spring & summer during AAU season.

 I joked that Regan was going to be the first person to win a Division I title with 5 starters from Massachusetts when he took the job but it only lasted three seasons.

 It never seemed like a great fit though and I think Regan would admit he was better suited for the players & school at Pelham. Regan stepped down after the birth of his son this fall and remains in coaching developing players.

 Fisher has been excellent since taking over and these kids are playing hard for him. It’s been a very good fit and one that could lead the Nashua school back to UNH for the first time since a title game loss to Trinity in 2013.


 Keene (7-4) at Merrimack (8-3)

 Keene Team Page

 Merrimack Team Page

  I’ll think differently about Kevin Ritter’s Blackbirds if they can win this one on the road.

 They’ve been very good again this season but a road win at Merrimack means they are a legitimate final four contender.

 I don’t usually speculate how good a team would be without a player who departed for prep school….it happens too often and it gives you a popsicle headache after a while, but if point guard Tate Matte had stayed at Keene you could talk me into them being one of the Top 4 teams in the state.

 While I was out on Sunday someone asked me how many current coaches are Hall of Famers…..with current meaning we are excluding Jim Mulvey (first ballot), Doc Wheeler (first ballot) and Dave Keefe (I’m 90% sure) the list across the state would be: (with Colebrook’s Buddy Trask, David Smith of Coe-Brown and Groveton’s Mark Collins already in)……….Tim Goodridge of Merrimack, Tim Cronin of Spaulding, Eric Saucier of Conant, Trevor Howard of Littleton, Jamie Hayes of Newmarket and Kieth Matte of Lebanon….with a group heading in that direction that includes EJ Perry of Windham and Tim Winslow of Hanover.


 Concord (7-4) at Nashua South (8-4)

 Concord Team Page

 Nashua South Team Page

 I was higher than most people on Nate Mazerolle’s team in the pre-season (I had them 6th) so I’m enjoying this recent run and excited to that we will be covering them for the first time this season tomorrow night.

 South has won five in a row and seven out of their last eight games. Their brutal closing stretch with five straight road games still looms but at this point the Panthers are on track for a Top-8 seed and a home playoff game.

 Jimmy Thorpe has done a really nice job in his first season as head coach of the Tide. Concord doesn’t face Exeter, Portsmouth or Winnacunnet for a second straight season (the schedules go on 2-year cycles).

 That gives them a very good opportunity to earn a home playoff game for a second straight season behind their terrific guard Rylan Canabano (18.5 ppg.).


 Portsmouth (9-2) at Timberlane (2-9)

 Timberlane Team Page

 Portsmouth Team Page

  The Owls knocked off  Dover at home and are capable of doing it again against a Portsmouth team battling injuries.

  John Mulvey has done a terrific job since taking over for his father after their 2018 Division I championship.

 The offense has remained in sync and the Clippers are very underrated defensively. Their defense pushes you to spots on the floor and anticipates where you are passing to once you’re trapped.

 With intelligent players like Cal Hewett (as smart as they come) and Coleman Brewster they’ve been able to win games without Jacob Boutin (last month) and Brewster (this month).

 By the way did you know Tom Griffith from WMUR is John’s father-in-law?

 See the things you learn in this column every year?

 Come on you’re kind of having fun right?

 Wait until I’m half blind for Division IV….


 Spaulding (4-7) at Trinity (1-10)

 Trinity Team Page

 Spaulding Team Page

 Every time the Red Raiders play at Trinity I think back to the night I was driving home from the game I was covering and was listening to Justin McIsaac call this game on his old station WNNNNNNNNNBC.

 McIsaac got so wound up that Dominic Paradis was not getting any foul calls that it sounded like he was purposely trying to get kicked off the stage and possibly escorted out of the town lines of Manchester.

 These are the games President Tim Cronin’s team has to win. These are the 50/50 road games they need if they are getting back in the tournament and avoiding a tough road match-up in Round 1.

 To win they will have to try and contain all-state point guard Royce Williams, the leading scorer in Division I at 20.9 points per game.


 Nashua North (8-3) at Windham (6-6)

 Nashua North Team Page

 Windham Team Page

 Two teams that need the win.

 The Titans have lost two in a row after a loss on rivalry night to Nashua South followed by a road loss in a game we covered against Exeter.

 North never seemed to get into an offensive rhythm and once Exeter gets you down, and you begin to try and shoot your way back in,,,that becomes a very tough hill for teams to climb.

 I still think this is a final four team, when Nate Kane is playing well this team goes to another level (and he is good enough to do it in the post-season) while Curtis Harris & Brendan Choate are a match-up nightmare for most teams.

 As for Windham.

 I’m fairly convinced that you could land an airplane in the gym during a key possession and EJ Perry wouldn’t even notice. I once interviewed EJ after a Salem win over Trinity in 2008 and asked him why he had a bloody lip?

 He responded, “I have no idea.”

 In the all-time favorite coaches to watch on the sidelines category it’s:

 EJ Perry

 Jim Mulvey (shirt tucked in at the 7:50 mark of the first quarter………untucked at the 5:50 mark of the same quarter)

 Dave Keefe (he would wander 10 feet out on to the court to try and get an illegal screen call)

 Matt Swedberg (I think Littleton faced a 3-3 zone on at least four possessions in the 2012 Division IV championship game)

 Buddy Trask (just wait for Groveton to go on an 8-0 run to take the lead back…the timeout follows and then the show begins)

 Jim Migneault (I once watched him rip 5 guys out of the game….a kid turned it over on the next possession and he then ripped those 5 guys out of the game….putting back in the original 5)

 and #1……..its not even close………Mike Romps of Dover.


 Division II

 Division II Standings, Scoring Leaders & Gold Level Coaches/Programs

 Manchester West (6-6) at Bishop Brady (2-10)

  It’s been a tough season for the Giants. They have just had too much turnover at head coach over the past ten years.

 Can West earn a Top 8-seed and a home tournament game (I love covering games in that gym)?

 Their remaining schedule is Pembroke, Brady, Con Val, John Stark and Kingswood (bang the over in that game).

 Yes, they absolutely can.


 Merrimack Valley (2-12) at Coe-Brown Academy (3-7)

 Merrimack Valley Team Page

 Coe-Brown Academy Team Page

 Two very good programs and excellent head coaches going through a down year.

 Once Kyle Dube went down with a knee injury in the fall that changed the outlook on the Pride’s season. I watched Tim Mucher tinker with a full-court press against Manchester Central in our Jamboree and it was effective but MV didn’t have the depth to do it for more than a few minutes at a time.

 Griffin Wheeler has had an all-state season for MV but injuries like the one to Dube, one of the nicest kids we cover, just bum you out. I think you’ll see him playing next year at the college level when he’s fully recovered.

 What’s been most surprising about Jennifer Chick-Ruth’s alma mater the Coe-Brown Bears, has been their struggles defensively. When I spoke to Coach Smith in the pre-season he thought they might struggle to manufacture points but in fact, their defense has been the issue.

 CBNA has given up 65.3 points per game to teams not named Stevens this season. That isn’t going to allow you to win a lot of games and it’s been a struggle for the Bears.

 By the way Jen was given a technical foul for shoving an MV guard in the back once…..besides McIsaac wrestling in tights it is the darkest part of our NHsportspage history.


 Hanover (11-0) at Hollis-Brookline (8-3)

 Hanover Team Page

 Hollis-Brookline Team Page

 If you like basketball even a little you need to watch Jen & Lance’s excellent coverage of Monday night’s instant classic Concord Orthopaedics game highlights

 Just a phenomenal game and a terrific win for Hanover.

 This is a great measuring stick game for Cole Etten’s Cavaliers, who have won six in a row. Division II is going to get very interesting down the stretch as the top teams begin to find each other on the schedule.

 It started with Lebanon/Hanover on Monday night and continues here.


 Pelham (11-2) at John Stark (3-9)

 Pelham Team Page

 John Stark Team Page

 You learn a lot about high school kids from covering them (the kids are’s the parents we sadly struggle with) and one thing you learn about is their attention span…or lack thereof.

 So when we got the Pelham boys Players Locker Room ‘9 Questions’ video with Jake Dumont, Derek Crowley and my seacoast team shooting guard Drew Brown I was excited to see what the boys came up with.

 When they got to Question 8: What actor would play you in a movie about your team? (for example a movie like ‘Remember the Titans’) and they read the question out loud (twice) as ‘ What actor would YOU play in a movie?’ followed by mass confusion from all three of them, Drew saying Kobe over & over again and none of them figuring out that it was an absurd question…..

 It just rolled right off my shoulders….seriously these kids are the best.


 Oyster River (5-4) at Kearsarge Regional (4-5)

 Oyster River Team Page

 Kearsarge Regional Team Page

 Excited to see two of my favorite coaches on Friday night and this is a big one, both a rematch of a quarterfinal game a year ago and two teams fighting for Top 8-seeds in the Division II tournament.

 There seem to be rumblings about Kearsarge heading back to Division III but it’s a good fit. The top teams in Division III could compete in Division II in most years.

 I'm all in on covering one of Joe Morrell's tennis matches in the spring...I think McIsaac still needs convincing.


 Bow (11-1) at Milford (6-6)

 Milford Team Page

 Bow Team Page

  I like this Bow team a lot, I still think this is the division that will produce the most pre-Final Four upsets but Frank Moreno’s team is built for the long haul because they can win on a night when they don’t shoot the ball well.

 The Spartans have a ton of speed and Dan Murray always runs an effective drive and kick offense. I’m interested to see how the Spartans match-up on the boards with the biggest team in Division II.


 Kingswood (5-7) at Souhegan (4-6)

 Kingswood Team Page

 Souhegan Team Page

 The Sabers have lost five games in a row but don’t read too much into it, their schedule hit a tough stretch.

 Losses to Con Val (they gave them a scare into overtime on Tuesday night), Hollis-Brookline, at Pembroke, at Lebanon, and against Pelham could happen to anyone, but this is a team that needs to win games in the ’40s & ’50s. Anything above and they are going to have trouble putting up enough points to keep up.

 Which makes this an interesting match-up because Kingswood is very good offensively and wants to get this game into the ’60s. Dan Place’s team has two big-time scorers in Brogan Shannon (20.7) and Ethan Arnold (16.3).

 A pair of wins over Coe-Brown and a Tuesday night road win over Kennett has the Knights climbing the standings.


Con Val (11-0) at Stevens (2-8)

Con Val Team Page

Oh boy……………

The combined record of Stevens’ opponents this week are 22-0, that’s just………

That’s just not going to work out well for them.


 Division III

 Division III Standings, Scoring leaders and Gold Level Coaches/Programs

 Kennett (8-3) at Berlin (2-11)

 Berlin has been one of the best programs in Division III for the past 15 years but they are hitting a down cycle.

 The loss of Don Picard, Dave Morissette and a whole bunch of talented Arsenault’s are going to set the Mountaineers back in Division III for at least the next few seasons.


 Hillsboro-Deering (4-7) at Conant (5-6)

 Conant Team Page

 The Orioles play 13 of their 18 games against plus .500 teams today. That’s as tough a schedule as there is in the division.

 Their issue continues to be that they can’t score and Anthony Gauthier has to go for 30 points against good teams or they are going to struggle to win.

 Eric Saucier’s teams always defend at a high level but trying to win games in the ’40s puts a ton of pressure on your defense. I still think Conant will be a tough out when Garrett Somero returns and they can game plan for a tournament team they’ll have time to prepare for.

 Hillsborough-Deering has improved as a program over the past three seasons but they have had trouble getting over the hump. Their four wins this season are over Newport, Fall Mountain, Prospect Mountain (they own the mountain teams) and Franklin.

 Those four teams have combined for eight wins.


 Raymond (6-8) at Fall Mountain (2-10)

 Raymond Team Page

 The Rams hit a home run with the hire of Jaryd Piecuch. His effect on the Raymond program has been immediate and this is a team that should be in the tournament next month.

 The players have been really receptive to Piecuch’s coaching and after being an afterthought for years all the sudden Raymond has a bright future.

 Piecuch is an alum, that gives you the feeling he will be around long enough to see this through, and there is young talent coming up in the program.

 No clue what’s going on over at Fall Mountain this year…… I did really enjoy covering the football team in the Division IV championship game….so there’s that.


 Mascoma (7-4) at Gilford (12-1)

 Mascoma Team Page

 Gilford Team Page

 Mascoma is going to try to outscore Gilford while the alma mater wants to turn this into a half-court game where their advantage on the glass wins them the game.

 Sammy Stauffeneker was able to score 19 points on Gilford last Saturday in what was a pretty low scoring game (Click for the box score). Now we see if they can take what they learned and use it to slow down high scoring sophomore guard Ben Seiler (23.0).

 I do think the Royals will be able to score on Gilford but keeping Adrian Siravo off the boards is going to take several players for Mascoma.


 Mascenic Regional (11-1) at Winnisquam (8-3)

 Winnisquam Team Page

 Mascenic Regional Team Page

 People keep questioning if Mascenic can break a three-year tournament drought and wonder if they’ll be able to defend at the level it takes to be the last team standing.

 While all the Vikings do is keep on winning.

 No team in the division owns a better resume and Stauffeneker is the leader in the player of the year race today.

 A lot of the questions have to do with their well documented post-season struggles. The Vikings haven’t been to a final four in over a decade and they have been bounced in the first round at home in back to back seasons.

 A lot of it also has to do with John Langlois and the feelings around his mid-season departure after a year and a half as Mascenic’s head coach. The details are fairly known by now and I’m not interested in getting into them here but coaches around the state felt like it set a very bad precedent.

 What is clear is this team has been the best team in Division III and they’ve done it against a very tough schedule. Brandon Kear is a coach who they have been very comfortable with and coming from Conant, he understands what wins in March.

 Stauffeneker has been terrific as have Dylan Vaillancourt, Trey Shaw, Gabe Turner, and Zach Barthel. A win here would add to their resume and avenge a loss to the Bears in last year’s tournament.


 Inter-Lakes (6-5) at White Mountains (8-5)

 Inter-Lakes Team Page

 White Mountains Team Page

 There aren’t many coaches having more fun this season than Mike Rathgeber. The Lakers coach has a nucleus of almost entirely freshman & sophomores and the departure of all-state forward Eli Swanson to Holderness Prep. allowed those players more freedom for development.

 The last thing Swanson needed was to be getting doubled & boxed & one’d to death for 32 minutes every night while the underclassman worried if the right decision was to shoot the open jumper or give it back to their player of the year candidate.

 Swanson is playing very well at Holderness and destined to play at the college level while freshman like Luke Brown & Van Buhman are shedding their freshman tendencies and becoming sophomores a year early.

 Now the Lakers have momentum for the future and won’t worry about how they’ll compensate for the loss of a graduating Swanson.

 Rathgeber has clearly defined their goals: Year 1: sneak into the tournament. Year 2: win a tournament game. Year 3: contend for the final four. Year 4: contend for a title.

 To get in they are going to have to beat Franklin, Berlin and steal one the rest of the way. Their schedule has been a big factor in getting this close but you also have to give Rathegeber a ton of credit.

 He’s done a very good job with this group and it’s going to be fun to see where it takes them.


 Franklin (4-8) at St. Thomas (7-5)

 St. Thomas Team Page

 Franklin Team Page

 Franklin is headed to Division IV next season and it’s a good move for the school.

 The Golden Tornadoes were perennially one of the best teams in the Lakes Region (nearly getting to the final four in 2016, losing in overtime at Kearsarge in a game we covered) but numbers have been way down and they’ve struggled to compete.

 The Saints have been very well coached by Sean Murphy this season. Like Conant & Souhegan, they need to control the pace and try to win games in the ’40s or ’50s.

 The injury to Nate Sottak of Belmont might knock the Red Raiders back. That could allow the Saints to climb past them for a Top 8-seed and a home playoff game for a second consecutive season.


 Campbell (7-6) at Monadnock (9-5)

 Campbell Team Page

 Monadnock Team Page

 This might end up being the best game of the night. Conant is down this year but the Huskies are still going to get a bounce from beating them last weekend. They’ll carry that confidence into this one in Swanzey tomorrow night.

 Jake Kidney was carrying this team offensively early on but Connor Brannon & Kevin Putnam have really stepped up and the balance has made them a better team.

 These two programs have a lot of history, going back to the football field and 2018 final four. Campbell is playing better and scoring as a unit more than being led solely by Brendan Rice & Joaquin Heller.


Division IV

Division IV Standings, Scoring Leaders & Gold Level Coaches/Programs

Concord Christian (2-10) at Mount Royal (8-3)

Mount Royal Team Page

 A year ago Lebanon head coach Kieth Matte took the season off to travel with his daughter Alexis during her senior all-state season at Mount Royal.

 This began a near-weekly ritual where I would get a text message from Kieth with a picture of a gym and his asking, “ Where am I?”

 He enjoyed his tour of Division IV gyms so much he talked about one day writing about it.

 So as the ‘John the Baptist’ of Division IV as Justin McIsaac has labeled me here are my quick thoughts on every Division IV gym I have covered a game in.

 Newmarket: Maybe the best of the bunch for a big game, once saw Newmarket throw in a half-court shot to beat Sunapee, Littleton assistant coach Joe Walker loves this gym...ask him about it.

 Pittsfield: Our favorite Division IV gym to call a game, always a great set up on the stage, the coaches & staff couldn't take care of us better than they do......the Pittsfield kids signing a get well card for Jen's daughter Avery won her over forever...the students are allowed to get into it and it’s a school with a lot of basketball history, unfortunately, some that even involves me.

 Derryfield: The old gym felt like you were playing a game in the cafeteria and the new gym has a Pinkerton feel to it with all that room and the divider. We all miss one of our favorite coaches Rob Bradley this season.

 Lisbon: I’ve never seen it packed, Sam Natti has a golf banner on the wall and I’ll remember this gym for Chad Knighton, sporting a knee brace, telling me they were going to win the 2013 championship. Three weeks later on the floor at Plymouth State, he ran up to me going crazy after the final buzzer and said ‘I told you!!’ True story.

 Portsmouth Christian: First game I covered there was Colebrook’s last championship team in 2008, my first year running the website, with Ryan Call & Reno Gilbert,,, two terrific guards for Buddy Trask. The game started early because of Colebrook’s drive and I couldn’t get out of work so I pretended nothing really happened in the first half and wrote the story leading with Buddy’s halftime speech.

 Wilton-Lyndeborough: Covered Jordan Litts and his championship team with the Carrier brothers, he to this day is the best Division IV player I’ve ever covered. Pretty nice gym too.

 Epping: The biggest gym in the division. I covered the last home game of both Jimmy Stanley & Hunter Bullock careers, both playoff wins. It’s the gym that almost feels like a Division I gym.

 Woodsville: God where do I start…I LOVE this gym…I’ve seen some great games there..the Nick Stokes out of body experience in the quarterfinal win over defending champion Wilton-Lyndeborough being the most memorable...I interviewed the entire team on camera in front of what felt like the entire town….the kids have always been great…. A mother yelled at me in front of 50 people because I had pointed out Woodsville had only played two games against teams with a winning record all season.....still the most angry I've ever seen Jen...….the drive home always feels like you might run into the Headless Horseman and there’s no cell service in town….seriously I could go on & on.

 Colebrook: The best…love that gym…love the history….the people are fantastic….I feel like the Mohawk Indian would have my back if another mom started yelling at me ….being on the stage for a big game like we were two weeks ago was just fantastic.

 Sunapee: Pretty fun gym and I saw some great Lakers teams with Isaiah Chappell & Matt Tenney…..Ed Tenney could stomp his foot over a bad call with the best of them.

 Littleton: Just feels like small-town North Country basketball when that gym is packed for a tournament game. Just a great gym, one of my favorites.

 Farmington: The atmosphere is terrific, that Tiger on the wall…I don’t know about that but there is a ton of history in that gym and I’m old enough to know what a legend Mike Lee was as a head coach. Probably the opposing coach I respected the most during my high school career.

 Profile: Pretty good gym, always enjoyed covering my friend Paul Greenlaw but mostly covered them on the road.

 The Carl Anderson Dome in Hinsdale: I have not been and I am ashamed of that fact.

 Groveton: The best basketball fans in the state and although I’ve covered a ton of games at Groveton including two playoff games I’ll always remember driving north to celebrate their stunning upset of Littleton in the 2017 Division IV championship…and showing up at my radio show the next morning in Manchester at 9 am with two shoes and one sock.

 Ok, we need to wrap this up….we’re blitzing through the rest…..I can do this..

 Profile (3-10) at Lin Wood (7-9)

 Yes, Lin Wood has won seven games. I thought that might have slipped by you….they also have a roster full of underclassman including Jake Avery & Cam Clermont.

 Don’t sleep on the Lumberjacks,,, they’re coming.

 Sorry to see Justin Stroup step down earlier this year at Profile, family always comes first though.

 Stroup is a great guy to sit and talk hoops with.


 Groveton (13-2) at America’s Team…..The Lisbon Panthers (8-7)

  This might be one of my all-time favorite Lisbon teams…in the last two weeks they’ve won a game where half the team was sick, a game where they came directly off of a bus from a ski trip (only in Division IV…) and a where their only practice had been at elementary school court built for …well very small elementary school kids.

 Somehow this team is 8-7 and the credit goes to five people: Jared Jesseman, Austin Fisher, Will Lopus, Nate Superchi and Lady Liberty.

 America…..that’s all I have to say…America.

 PS: Groveton is probably going to beat them but still….America!


 Moultonborough (4-10) at Littleton (13-0)

 The Crusaders scored 100 in their meeting with the Panthers last season…Trevor Howard will make sure it doesn’t happen again.

 Danny Kubkowski sighting were reported on the court in the north country last night…..could they be true?


 Derryfield (8-6) at Newmarket (14-1)

 It just feels like Littleton/Newmarket II is happening in the championship.

 I’m not sure I see a third team that will stop it and I don’t see a 4 seed beating Littleton….although you could talk me into Pittsfield.

 Derryfield feels like they are headed in the wrong direction, tough spot for Max Byron & company to turn it around.


 Hinsdale (2-13) at Nute (4-8)

 Carl Anderson & I are currently negotiating the coverage of a Hinsdale baseball game this spring. Stay tuned.

 Is Nute getting into the playoffs?

 How about the job Tom Boudreau has done?…by the way, Tom Boudreau’s record in final four games against Eric Saucier is 1-0.

 It’s true.


 Epping (4-10) at Pittsfield (11-4)

  Who wins a three-point shooting contest between Cam Darrah and My Man Colby Wilson?

 Talk to me…..gambling has been legalized in New Hampshire….give me the odds and how do I make this happen.

 How do I make this happen???!!!!!!


 Wilton-Lyndeborough (4-8) at Portsmouth Christian (12-3)

 PCA doesn't feel like a 12-3 team but it's been sort of a strange Division IV season so we'll roll with it.

 Bryson Lund has been very good for Derek Summers team and there are a lot of smart people who think PCA is getting to Plymouth.

 Jack Schwab & Kyler Tremblay can put up points for Malin Segal's WLC team.


 Canaan-Pittsburg (2-12) at Gorham (3-11)

 Ok, let's wrap it up with the Fighting Legere's........the program is in great hands with Dave Morissette as their head coach.

 Where we you when A-Rod and Jason Variteck fought? the same playoff game in which Pedro threw down Don Zimmer?

 I can tell you where I was when it happened.....The Buck Rub Pizza Pub.

 In Pittsburg, NH.


 Please talk me out of doing this again next year...




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